Mount your site

Access your Neocities site as a drive on your computer


Neocities supports WebDAV, which allows you to mount your Neocities share on your computer.

Instructions per operating system


Unfortunately, the WebDAV that comes with Windows file manager has issues with SSL, and the problem has not yet been fixed. We recommend using a client like Cyberduck with Windows, which is free and has WebDAV support. You can also try Mountain Duck which will allow you to mount your Neocities site as a hard drive on your computer.


Use these instructions, and use this URL to connect:
Enter login info when requested.

You can also try out Cyberduck or Mountain Duck if you run into any issues.

Linux (Gnome)

  1. Open Nautilus.
  2. Press CTRL-L to show the location bar.
  3. Type davs:// into location bar.
  4. Enter your login into the popup.

Linux (mount as filesystem)

To mount the WebDAV as a folder in your filesystem use the davfs2 package.

Accessing multiple sites

By default you can use your username/password combination to access your parent site via WebDAV (This is oshin). In case you want to access any other sites you only need to use the site's subdomain name as the username (with the same password for your account).

You can see a list of your sites in your settings page.